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Being A Little Too Helpful: Drysdale Through the Capsule

Thomas A. Oetting, MS, MD; Jason Friedrichs, MD

In this video, we are done with most of the case and are scrubbing the posterior capsule with the Drysdale. We decided to simultaneously push on a conjunctival donut and may have increased the posterior pressure a bit. At about that time the posterior capsule tore under the Drysdale.

So we have no cortex to deal with, a small posterior capsule tear and an intact anterior capsule. We quickly stop the irrigation of fluid into the eye and place some Viscoat into the area of the tear. Then we form the sulcus and place an MA 50 acrylic 3 piece IOL into the sulcus and prolapse the optic of the IOL into the bag captured by the anterior capsulotomy. We use Kenalog at the end of the case to search for any residual vitreous.


Additional Notes: length: 3:49

last updated: 04-04-2009
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