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Basic Cataract Surgery. Great Third Year Case

Contributors: Thomas A. Oetting, MS, MD; Jeffrey Maassen, MD

Length: 13:18

This surgical video is a great case which shows Dr. Jeff Massen doing a basic cataract surgery as a resident. He demonstrates skills at least at the proficiency that we hope our residents will have following their time here: with a case time of less than 30 minutes (in this case less than 15), good control of both hands (in this case, excellent), good tissue handling (in this case excellent chopping and wound construction), and a good understanding of how to use all of the instruments (including the settings for the phaco machine). We thought we would place this video on the site for our residents at least to see what we hope they will eventually achieve. Wtih time, following graduation, we expect that our residents will further improve their skills.



last updated: 08-01-2010
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