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Reverse Optic Capture Single Piece IOL [Single Piece Acrylic Optic Capture]

Thomas A. Oetting, MS, MD

Here I show a recent case where I had a late capsular tear following placement of a single piece acrylic IOL (SNWF). When this occurs you have a few options:

  1. Leave IOL in bag and pray for the best;
  2. Remove single piece acrylic and replace with 3 piece in the sulcus +/- capture of the optic into the bag leaving haptics in the sulcus;
  3. If the anterior capsulotomy is centered and 4-5 mm, do a reverse optic capture as shown in this video.
  4. With reverse optic capture which was first shown to me by Jason Jones of Sioux City, Iowa you leave the large square haptics of the single piece in the bag and pull just the optic anterior to be captured and fixed by the anterior capsulotomy. This keeps the IOL centered and also helps to seal off the vitreous from the anterior chamber. This is a great trick to have when the single piece is in a damaged bag.

If video fails to load, use this link:

Additional Notes: not narrated. Length 3 min 16 sec

last updated: 07-25-2010


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