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IOL Exchange for Anterior Capture of Post-RK Piggyback

Contributed by Matt Ward, MD and Kenneth Goins, MD

This 50 year old woman had undergone RK surgery in the early 1990s, developed a cataract, which was replaced with a plate haptic Staar acrylic single piece IOL in the back with 5 diopters of residual hyperopia corrected with a Staar silicone 3-piece IOL after which there were 3.75 diopters of residual cylinder for which LASIK over RK was performed after which she developed PCO for which YAG capsulotomy was performed. She was 20/20-2 with surprisingly little refractive error, but presented with recurrent anterior pupillary capture from the sulcus IOL and transient pupillary block with episodic blurry vision and headache usually overnight.


last updated: 1/27/2014
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