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Terry Squeegee Mishap

Thomas A. Oetting, MS, MD

In this video, a Terry Squeegee is used to polish the posterior capsule, which caused some zonular dehiscence. In general, I think this instrument is safe, but, rarely, it can catch the capsule and cause a tear or, as in this case, catch a fold in the capsule and stress the zonules. Maybe the zonules were a bit weak anyway in this case (that's right, blame it on the patient!)--not sure. I placed a capsular tension ring, and the intraocular lens centered nicely. My experience is that any technique to polish the capsule has some risk.

I have had problems with all of the following devices: squeegee, Drysdale, olive tip (Johnson), or capsule vacuum mode with the irrigation aspiration device (even with a silicone sleeve). You just have to be careful and use your best judgment as to when to stop. I will often ask our senior residents when they operate with me to tell me to stop so I don't get too aggressive myself.


Additional Notes: length: 1:43

last updated: 2008
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