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Chopper Incident

Thomas A. Oetting, MS, MD

In this video we show one of the problems with chopping especially when you are getting started -- hitting the anterior capsule with the chopper. Endocapsular (in the bag) nucleofractis can be done in several ways including divide and conquer, stop and chop and with phaco chop. Phaco chop has become increasingly popular as it limits the phaco energy and is quick. The problem for the surgeon with phaco chop is that it requires good facility with both hands and is more difficult than the other methods. The technical problems with phaco chop center on the pieces sticking together after the chop (jig saw problem) in the tight endocapsular space and a tendency for the chopper to slip anterior to the capsule. In this video we show a case where the chopper slipped anterior to the capsule which resulted in minor zonular damage and a tear of the anterior capsule.

Additional Notes: length 1:33

last updated: 12-1-2009
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