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Bard-Parker Knife Handle #3 Safety

This is a reusable flat handle intended for combined use with surgical blades of varying shapes and sizes. The safety handle is designed for use with a conventional blade, and features a protective sheath to minimize risk to the surgeon and assistant while passing instruments.  In addition to size 3, designed for right-handed surgeons, a 3L is available for those who are left-handed. This handle has similar weight and balance to the standard Bard-Parker handle with easy one-step blade removal. Skin incisions such as those required in browplasty and blepharoplasty, are created with this handle and a #15 Bard-Parker blade to allows for precise skin separation.  A #11 blade is used on this handle for penetrating incisions such as for incision and drainage of an abscess or chalazion.


Bard-Parker Knife Handle #3 Safety
last updated: 03/31/2017
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