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Extraction of Intumescent Traumatic Cataract with Capsular Violation

Contributed by Jesse Vislisel, MD and Mark A. Greiner, MD

This patient underwent repair of a traumatic corneoscleral laceration 1 month prior to this cataract surgery. The anterior capsule was violated in his initial trauma resulting in the formation of an intumescent traumatic cataract and dramatic shallowing of the anterior chamber. The traumatic anterior capsular tear extended behind the iris in the area of limited visualization beneath his corneal laceration. It was decided to perform a vitrectorhexis and remove the soft nuclear material using a combination of the anterior vitrector and the irrigation and aspiration handpiece. A 3-piece MA50BM intraocular lens implant was successfully placed in the ciliary sulcus.

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last updated: 04/05/2016
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