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Anterior Vitrectomy Tips

Thomas A. Oetting, MS, MD

This video shows the use of the anterior vitrector to remove vitreous and some residual cortical material. The cut rate should be high to minimize pulling on the vitreous material. When removing OVD (Ophthalmic Viscosurgical Device) and cortical material, you should slow the cutter down to allow the material to aspirate. During cortex removal we turn off the cutter to engage cortical material in the periphery, bring it to the center with total occlusion, then start the cutter and aspirate the cortical material while cutting in a safe position. This helps preserve the capsule for support of the Intraocular Lens later. It is best to make a new separate paracentesis incision for the vitrector rather than use the wound, which is too large and leaky for the cutter. Controlling the chamber and bimanual technique are the keys to successful anterior vitrectomy.


Additional Notes: length: 2:26

last updated: 01-01-2009
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