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Birdshot chorioretinopathy

Contributor: Jeffrey D. Welder, MD

Photographer: Stefani Karakas, CRA

Right eye Left Eye
Birdshot chorioretinopathy-right eye Birdshot chorioretinopathy-left eye
Birdshot choroiretinopathy, fluorescein angiography Birdshot choroiretinopathy, fluorescein angiography

47-year-old female referred for decreased vision left eye(OS)>right eye(OD) and uveitis, both eyes (OU) diagnosed 5 days prior by an outside provider. Anterior segment exam was notable for 2+ cell and flare OU and 2+ vitreous cells OU. Fundus exam demonstrated multiple deep round yellow-white lesions.

Fluorescein angiography was notable for diffuse disc leakage OU. A diagnosis of birdshot choroiditis was made and the patient was treated with oral prednisone with resolution of symptoms. Blood testing was positive for HLA A29.

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last updated: 04/18/2013
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