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EyePrint Pro® over mini penetrating keratoplasty (PKP)

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Photographer: Tressa Larson, OD, FAAO

Contributor: Tressa Larson, OD, FAAO

EyePrint Pro® over mini penetrating keratoplasty

EyePrint Pro® over mini penetrating keratoplasty

Scleral lenses are the gold-standard for the treatment of Terrien's Marginal Degeneration because they protect the delicate peripheral cornea from injury and also encourage vascularization of thinned areas of cornea which strengthens the area and also helps to prevent further injury. This patient had a globe rupture in the setting of Terrien's Marginal degeneration and underwent a tectonic mini-PKP.  Once a globe has been ruptured such as this, scleral lenses are extremely difficult to fit as they are typically designed with either oblate or prolate corneas in mind. With EyePrint Pro®, a mold of the eye is taken that is used to generate a 3-D computer model of the shape of the eye (centered on cornea, about 20 mm in diameter). To create a fully custom lens, the optics are overlayed and the desired corneal clearance is customized. 

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