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Contributor: William Charles Caccamise, Sr, MD, Retired Clinical Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry

*Dr. Caccamise has very generously shared his images of patients taken while operating during the "eye season" in rural India as well as those from his private practice during the 1960's and 1970's. Many of his images are significant for their historical perspective and for techniques and conditions seen in settings in undeveloped areas.

Category: Cataract

Coloboma of iris - a special bridge variety-with a mature corticonuclear cataract

coloboma of iris - a special bridge variety-with a mature corticonuclear cataract

A spedial type of congenital coloboma of the iris is the bridge coloboma.From Duane-Fuchs: " In this the pupil is separated from the coloboma by a narrow thread of iris tissue, which stretches like a bridge from one pillar of the coloboma to the other." The cataract is mature because the entire lens is cataractous - something that is rarely attained by a cataract undergoing surgery in America now. The layman's question about his cataract and surgery used to be : "is my cataract ripe " Ripe meant mature - ready for surgery. In India the word for ripe was "pukka".

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