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T.J. ClarkThomas J. "TJ" Clark, MD

Dr. T.J. Clark is presently a Resident at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. His projected graduation date is June 2018.


B.S., Biochemistry & Spanish, Iowa State University
M.D., University of Iowa, Carver College of Medicine

EyeRounds Contributions

  1. Clark TJ, Shriver EM. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Awareness: ASK, ASSESS, REFER. April 3, 2015; Available from:
  2. Lenci LT, Clark TJ, Allen RC. Involutional ectropion: Options for surgical management of ectropion. posted August 24, 2015; Available from:
  3. Clark TJE, Lenci LT, Allen RC, Shriver EM. Involutional entropion: options for surgical management of entropion. posted Sept 14, 2015; Available from:
  4. Clark TJE, Shriver EM. Emergent Evaluation of Eyelid Lacerations: A guide for ophthalmology residents. December 17, 2015; Available from:
  5. Evans JA, Clark TJE, Syed NA, Alward WLM, Boldt HC. Melanocytoma of the Iris and Ciliary Body. posted March 3, 2016; Available from:
  6. Liaboe CA, Clark TJ, Shriver EM, Carter KD. Thyroid Eye Disease: An Introductory Tutorial and Overview of Disease. posted November 18, 2016; Available from:
  7. Andreasen NS, Clark TJ, Sun D, Hansen M, Shriver EM. Bell's Palsy Treated With Facial Nerve Decompression, posted August 1, 2017; Available from:

Dr. Clark is a contributor to the EyeRounds Atlas.

last updated: 08/01/2017
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