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Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Oculoplastic Bone Tray

Oculoplastic Bone Tray

Index and photographed by:index and photography by Robert Dinn, M.D.

The University of Iowa
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Tissue Forceps

(2) Gruenwald Ear Baonet Forceps 6.25"

Brown Adson Tissue Forceps 4.75"


Mayo Straight Dissecting Scissors 5.5"

Needle Holder

Webster Needle Holder 5"

Ring Handled Clamps

(2) Mosquito Halsted Straight Forceps 5"

(2) Kelly Curved Artery Forceps 5.5"

Peds Fenes. Struempel Forceps Straight 4mm

Peds Fenes. Struempel Forceps 45° Up 4mm

Peds Fenes. Struempel Forceps 90° Up 4mm

Struempel-Voss Delicate Forceps Up

Blakesley Ethmoid Forceps, Size 1 7.25"


(2) Davis Brain Spatula Brass (#5 7" X 0.75" & #4 7" X 0.625")

(2) Bernstein Nasal Retractor 6" X 0.25"

(4) Orbital Sewell Retractor (Sizes 1-4) 6.5"

Nasal Speculae

Vienna Nasal Speculum Med 5.125"

Tieck Nasal Speculum Infant 5.5"


Joseph Periosteal Elevator Straight 6.5"

Dean Periosteotome Curved 6.25"

Bone Cutters/Punches/Rongeurs

Micro Kerrison Rongeur 45° Down Bite 2mm

Belz Lachrymal Sac Rongeur 6.5" 2mm

Stille Luer Double Action Angled Rongeur 9" 5mm Bite

Kerrison Rongeur Size 0 4.3125"

Kerrison Rongeur Size 1 4.3125"

Kerrison Mastoid Rongeur Size 2 8.5" 5mm Bite

Nasal Bead Forceps Up 4.5"

Wilde Ethmoid, Exenteration Forceps Up 4.5"

Wilde Ethmoid, Exenteration Forceps Straight Small 5"

Wilde Ethmoid, Exenteration Forceps Straight Large 5"

Hardy Sella Punch 40° Up 2mm X 7"

Hardy Sella Punch 90° Up 2mm X 7"

Suction Tip

Yankauer Suction Tip Peds 8.5"

Probes/Groove Directors

Grooved Director with Open End & Tongue Tie 6"

Tse-Anderson Groove Director

Oculoplastics bone tray

last updated: 06-07-2011