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Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

A Patient's Guide to Glaucoma

By Young H. Kwon, MD PhD; John H. Fingert, MD PhD; Emily C. Greenlee, MD

A Patient's Guide to Glaucoma

A Patient's Guide to Glaucoma

By Young H Kwon, MD, PhD; John H Fingert, MD, PhD; and Emily C Greenlee, MD

Edited by Young H Kwon, MD, PhD

Photographs by Ed Heffron
Illustrated and copyedited by Trish Duffel, RPh, MA
The University of Iowa

Book Summary:

A Patient’s Guide to Glaucoma is written to educate glaucoma patients and the general public in lay language, with the hope that an enhanced understanding of the disease may lead to better decision-making in their clinical care. It is organized into chapters covering basic anatomy of the eye, glaucoma risk factors, diagnosis and treatment modalities. The authors are glaucoma fellowship-trained academic ophthalmologists who are engaged in clinical care, teaching and research. The original softcover book is available for purchase at The content on the website may be updated as needed.

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A Patient’s Guide to Glaucoma is a very useful educational resource. The authors have done an excellent job of covering the pertinent aspects of glaucoma from the patient's perspective. It provides more complete explainations of aspects of glaucoma care than any other presently available resource. It will be very helpful to patients who want more information about medications, laser, Trabeculectomy, tube-shunt suregy and many other subjects.

John S. Cohen, MD
Director Emeritus, Glaucoma Service Cincinnati Eye Institute
Volunteer Clinical Professor
University of Cincinnati

Drs. Kwon, Greenlee and Fingert are to be congratulated for creating this outstanding educational program on glaucoma. These materials provide an excellent overview of the disease and its treatment. The guide can be read in its entirety or searched to answer specific questions. It is aimed at the intelligent patient seeking to understand his or her disease. The ophthalmologist's best ally in battling glaucoma is a well-informed patient and this guide will serve to develop patients who truly understand their disease.

Wallace L.M. Alward, MD
The Frederick C. Blodi Chair in Ophthalmology
Professor Emeritus of Ophthalmology
Vice-Chair, Dept. of Ophthalmology & Visual Scienes
University of Iowa


Advice and suggestions given in this book are not meant to replace professional medical care. The reader is advised to consult his or her physician before undertaking any diet, exercise, or treatment regimen and in order to gain answers about or treatment for any medical problems. The authors and publisher disclaim liability for any loss or risk, personal or otherwise, resulting, directly or indirectly, from the use, application, or interpretation of the contents of this book.

Copyright 2008-2021 by Young H. Kwon, John H. Fingert, and Emily C. Greenlee